+Open Research Assistant Positions

The Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research (DAIR) Lab has open Ph.D. research positions starting in Fall 2022. Students, with a strong background in mathematics and computer science, who are interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are encouraged to apply. Email Prof. Raja with your cv, personal statement and copy of your transcript with a note about your interest in working in the lab.

More information including the application to the Ph.D. program can be found here: https://www.gc.cuny.edu/Page-Elements/Academics-Research-Centers-Initiatives/Doctoral-Programs/Computer-Science/Program

+ Sep 2021 DAIR transportation research team presents paper at EWGT 21

Paper titled “Multiagent Meta-level Control for Adaptive Traffic Systems: A Case Study“ co-authored by DAIR undergraduate students Yaroslava Shynkar* and Marin Marinov*, Prof. Raja and collaborator Prof. Bazzan was presented at the 24th Euro Working Group on Transportation Meeting, Alveiro, Portugal, September 2021.

+ Sep 2021 Anita Raja chairs TAPIA 21 Workshop on undergraduate research

The workshop titled “How to Engage in AI Research as an Undergraduate?” is targeted to undergraduate students to expose them to research and get them engaged in research at their own University or in a Summer research program.

+ Aug 2021: DAIR member Anton Goretsky (B.A. ’21) joins University of Maryland CS Ph.D. program!

Congratuiations Anton and wish you success!

+ June 2021 Masters student Daniel Mallia and undergrad Jack Kruse join DAIR lab. Welcome!

+ Summer 2021: DAIR Lab members Anton, Marin, Nigel, Yaroslava, Owen and Ajani graduate! Congratulations and Best Wishes!

+ Spring 2021 Ph.D. student Arezoo Bybordi and CUNY undergrad Alisa Leschenko join DAIR lab

+ Paper on Software Engineering methods for Machine Learning systems to appear in ICSE 2021

Yiming Tang, Raffi Khatchadourian, Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Rhia Singh*, Ajani Stewart*, and Anita Raja. An empirical study of refactorings and technical debt in Machine Learning systems. In International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE ’21. ACM/IEEE, May 2021. (138/602; 23% acceptance rate). To appear.

+ Fall 2020: Masters Student Adam Catto joins DAIR lab

DAIR Lab Personnel

Anita Raja, PI


Arezoo Bybordi, Ph.D. student (2021-Present)


Nan Jia, Ph.D. student (2022-Present)

Alisa Leshchenko, Undergrad RA

Mahdi Loodaricheh, Ph.D. Student (2023-Present)






DAIR ALUMNI 2003-2019

Recent Alumni (2019- Present)


Adam Catto, M.S. in DataScience, 2020-2022

Data Scientist, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai



Anton Goretsky, Undergrad RA, 2020-2021

Ph.D. Student, Dept of Computer Science, University of Maryland




Daniel Mallia,

M.A. Computer Science, 2020-2022




Matthew Carr, Undergrad RA, 2021-2022

Eric Li, Undergrad RA (2022-2023)





Allen Chien, NIH Bridges Program REU student (Summer 2023)




Owen Kunhardt, Undergrad RA, S20

 Software Engineer, Google, Boston




Ajani Stewart, Undergrad RA, S20

MIT BCS Research Scholar



Daniel Rozenzaft, Undergrad RA, F20-S21

M.S. in Applied Math, Columbia University





Marin Marinov, Undergrad RA, S20-S21

Software Developer, Vanguard





Nigel Ferrrer, Undergrad RA, S20-S21






Yaroslava Shynkar, Undergrad RA, S20-S21






Ayan Kohli (Summer High School Intern, Hunter High School, 2022 and 2023 Summer)

Cornell University (Undergraduate program, Fall 2024 onwards)